The Floyd Music School Violin/Fiddle Curriculum

Our violin/fiddle curriculum is structured into five progressive levels, aligned with the American String Teachers Association Certificate of Advancement program.
  • Focuses on establishing best practices for instrument and bow hold.
  • Covers the first 16 pages of String Builder 1 for Violin by Samuel Applebaum (Belwin Pub.) through 23 lessons.
  • Introduces fundamental music reading skills for aspiring players.

Beginner Fiddle – LEVEL 2

  • Builds upon Level 1 techniques.
  • Explores repertoire including fiddle tunes, Bach Minuets, and selections from the O’Connor method, book one.
  • Introduces Wohlfahrt Violin and Sevcik Bowing methods.

Beginner Fiddle – LEVEL 3

  • Delves deeper into fiddle tunes, traditional-classical and American music.
  • Completes Wohlfahrt Foundation Studies, book 1, and progresses to Sevcik Bowing, Exercise 3.

Beginner Fiddle – LEVELS 4 & 5

  • Continue using the same method books with increasing difficulty.
  • Advance to playing in positions, mastering vibrato, and performing with musicality in jams, youth orchestras, or community orchestras.
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